As well as providing our customers with premium quality clothing, we give a portion of our profits to a charity in South Africa.

This charity is dedicated to providing orphaned, and often injured, young rhinos a sanctuary where they can be rehabilitated to live and grow in a comfortable environment, with plentiful of food and life saving medicine. Sanctuaries like these will help to secure a bright future for the rhino species.

 Poaching for rhino horns is still a major issue with more than 7,000 African rhinos being lost in the last decade because of this.


In raising awareness we are hoping that our customers as well as ourselves will support the Rhino sanctuaries founded in the hope that we can save the Rhinoceros from extinction. In the future we will help to battle the issue of poaching not only for Rhinos, but for all wild animals affected by this. 

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Any donations to this charity would be greatly appreciated!