Why Sustainable Clothing?

Hi guys!

Today, we as a company would like to address the topic on sustainability. We are proud to say we have been working hard over the last few months to become a sustainable company. This is something both myself and Scott have strived to achieve from day 1, making sustainability one of the core principles for our business to represent. 

Everyone within the company, and maybe even yourself, can agree that nature is certainly taken for granted. It is something that us as a human species are indebted to for providing everything that we need to survive- of which we have taken advantage of. However, as you may be aware, it is becoming alarming how much we have come to damage the planet and caused the vast eradication of particular species. Even so, carelessly. 

Even though we as a company want to contribute to the survival of the rhinoceros species, overall we want to try our best to contribute to the protection of all of nature. This poses a problem when in the clothing industry, especially with the likes of fast fashion still existing. This threatens our very environment, especially with the increasing populations, leading to increased demand, increased volume production of clothing worldwide and increased consumption. The vicious cycle continues. With that comes a price as this solely correlates with the uptake and use of natural resources, including raw materials.  

Despite this, the main purpose of sustainability is to extend the life of the products that you use even before it becomes waste. This can involve product recycling which can help reduce waste within our environment. This is turn will help preserve natural resources and provide a way of protecting our environment more. 

For example, the clothing products from our first collection are recyclable material, just like most clothing that you own. This is one of the first steps into reducing plastic waste. However, evidently we know that is not enough. For our next collection, which is coming soon might I add, we are providing gym wear that is either made from organic raw materials or recycled clothing. This is turn will aim to further reduce plastic waste that our planet is in desperate need of. 

Even though our products at the moment are not as sustainable as they should be, they are ethically and responsibly sourced to ensure that employees are receiving a good wage and help reduce damage to the environment. We believe that's a good start for a business in its infancy. 

With regards to packaging, we initially used cardboard boxes, which you may have seen especially if you have ordered from us before. We are now getting biodegradable bags to package products to further aid in becoming a more sustainable company.

These changes in itself will approximately reduce our plastic waste by more than 50%. Which is a huge deal and we want to set an example. With that we hope that you support us in our journey to help save a planet that has suffered enough. And we look forward to providing you as our customers, sustainable and ethically sourced products that you'll come to love as a consumer. 


" We have ran out of excuses and we are running out of time.' 

- Greta Thunberg





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Alison Morton

Totally agree with everything you are doing. Looking forward to your next collection of gym wear
Good luck guys

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