Making the Switch to Natural Deodorant

Hi Everyone, 

Hope you are all keeping well and safe during these super weird times. I'd thought I would share with you all an insight into something I have been doing since the beginning of lockdown, switching to natural deodorant. 

Now a lot of you might not care, which is fair enough (deodorant, is deodorant)! But some of you might be thinking about trying out some natural deodorants and thought I'd share with you the experience I've had with making the switch. 

Firstly, why did I decide to try natural deodorant in the first instance? Well truth be told I had tried to change years ago but never thought it really worked. I was constantly sweaty and gave up after 1 week of trying. But clearly I didn't educate myself in the matter, because that is what is supposed to happen. There is a lot of talk about the aluminium components of normal deodorants and blocking sweats glands. I did a bit of research on this to see whether or not this was true. I never really found conclusive evidence about this (probably should still look), but the thought of having a natural deodorant that has no fragrance or a long list of chemicals in it, seemed a better option for putting on my underarms. 


Week 1:

Since lockdown began, I never really left the house. Even if I did, I would shower before I went out and not put any deodorant on. I thought it best to just naturally let any chemicals seep out from the skin. The only time I wore normal deodorant was when I went to work hence why it has taken me a lot longer than usual for my skin to get used to natural deodorant. 


Weeks 2-3:

Man, I was super sweaty. Working out made it even worse, or even moving for that sake. I had to shower earlier in the day because I did not feel clean whatsoever. There wasn't really any smell that came from my underarms but I did notice dark patches starting to appear. Disgusting, I know but the chemicals and normal bodily toxins had to come out some how. 


Weeks 4-5:

These weeks were horrible, don't get me wrong. The body odour got really bad to point I had to shower twice daily. I was less sweaty but the smell was strong. Even the foods I had eaten were creeping through. But I knew this wouldn't last forever! 


Weeks 6-7:

This process was obviously taking longer because I was still using normal deodorant for work. But I started to notice that even those deodorants weren't working that great either which I thought was really bizarre. Maybe it was just genuinely because it was really hot in work with it being so busy and lots of nurses and call handlers being in the one room (don't worry social distancing measures are taken very seriously). I then began to notice the body odour smell had died down, it wasn't as noticeable- well I couldn't smell it from my own body anyway. 

Week 8:

That dreaded smell came back again, more so than last time. It only lasted a few days which was great and I really only sweated whenever I worked out. I even took the liberty of showering straight after work to reduce the time normal deodorant was on my underarms. Might have helped ever so slightly but who knows. Started drinking lemon water as well, could have also helped. 


Week 9:

Decided to start using a natural deodorant. It is called Salt of the Earth which I bought from Holland and Barrett. It is essentially a salt stick that you run under water, apply to your underarms and let it dry in. And let me tell you, it actually worked. I was sweat free, smell free and no dark patches on my skin. This process has literally worked wonders. Say goodbye to buying deodorant every month and hello to sustainable, natural deodorant that lasts a lot longer. 


So overall, as much as I hated the smell of my own body for a while, I loved this experience. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to try. Piece of advice, don't be put off by it. Keep going with it because eventually one day, the natural deodorant will work its magic. This process might only take 1 month for some people, especially if you just use natural deodorant only and not do what I done by using normal deodorant. Whether or not this will seek benefit in the future? Not 100% sure what will happen, but I hope one day natural deodorant will be perceived as the new "normal". No pressurised cans and deodorant in the environment, less plastic and even more so, less staining on your clothes (not matter what brands tell you). I say it is worth a shot and what better way than to try it during this lockdown period. 

I hope this will help some of you reading this if you're eager to try it. There is loads of YouTube videos on people trying to switch to natural deodorant so definitely do your research and try it out. 


Stay Safe out there!


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