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         Welcome everyone to my blog! My name is Hailey Rees and I am from Glasgow. Currently, I am 21 and study Anatomy at the University of Glasgow. I am a proud big sister (and oldest) to three brothers and two sisters who are incredibly intelligent and have taken the better looks! I also partly own a gym wear business known as Black Rhino Gym Wear which is something I have wanted to achieve for a long time.


I have started this blog in the hope of creating a little bit of transparency between those that run Black Rhino and our customers. This will let others get to know the people behind the clothing. But first, I would like to start with how Black Rhino Gym Wear started and what our long-term goals for the business are.


 If you were to ask someone who knew me quite well, they would definitely tell you that I am a fitness freak! I have always loved training and pushing myself to new limits. This mentality does actually run through the family so my passion for fitness definitely stemmed from there. But one thing I was always conscious about was what I would be wearing when training. I was never much into big brands but choosing clothing that was comfortable. However, I had a common problem with many gym wear brands. They firstly would never fit me properly in the sense that it was difficult to find the right sizing because of my prominent pear-shaped body type. I would always have to roll up my running leggings because I was too short, and the tank tops were either really big or too small-never the right size.


As I struggled to find anything that fitted for years, I came up with the idea of creating my own gym wear line that would fit any body-type and eliminate the problems I had throughout my life. With this in mind, I met my business partner (and partner), Scott Ajaray who wanted to start a business but wasn’t 100% sure what business sector he wanted to enter. When I mentioned what I wanted to do, Scott considered this as a business he wanted to invest in.


Whilst having this business proposition in mind, I remember an article came out (which I will leave the link at the end) about the last male white rhino dying. One thing I should mention is that Scott is half Moroccan and loves Africa. After reading that article, Scott was quite distraught and angry at how a beautiful species was slowly but surely becoming extinct because of poaching. Being the little business genius he is, Scott came up with the name ‘Black Rhino’ for the gym wear business in the hope of trying to contribute to saving the rhino species in any way he could. And so, the journey began!


Never in a million years did I think I would be starting a business at 20 but it certainly happened. We spent a lot of hours getting the logo perfect, social media accounts running and finding a sustainable supplier to help protect the environment. We spent a lot of time sampling out the materials and confirming the final designs of our products. I will spare you the rest of the business details, but the last thing was to pick a charity that served as a sanctuary for rhinos to protect them from poaching of which we would donate a portion of our profits to (details of our chosen charity are on our website). And thereafter, Black Rhino Gymwear Ltd. was made!


Our long-term goals for this business are to not only grow as a business and create more products, but to become a gym wear business that is suitable for absolutely everyone. Equality is especially important when it comes to our values as a company. Everyone should be able to work out without worrying about what they are wearing or how it feels.


So not only did I achieve starting the business I wanted, but I found gym wear that actually fits, and it has been a god send! Don’t worry I am not being biased! All of our customers so far have been so pleased with our products and would purchase from us again which I am so damn proud of!


As much as I could go on and on about the business, I will leave it there for this introductory post! If you would like to know more about the business I would be happy to write more blog posts in the future, just let me know what topics you would like to read about. I will also cover other general life topics as well so send me ideas! Any questions feel free to email me or leave a comment below. I’d love to hear your thoughts!





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