Coping without Normality

Right so we are living in an extremely complicated time right now and I wanted to address, well issues that have at least been going through my head recently. With everything that is going on everyone is either confused or scared and no one actually knows how to deal with any of it. For me, whenever I’ve struggled in the past with stress or anxiety my solution often involves going to the gym. It would help me escape from all the overlapping thoughts in my head and push myself physically to help me feel like I’m working towards my best self.


However, I don’t have that right now and with the lockdown days ticking on, the Instagram home workouts can only achieve so much. I often think to myself “Maybe I haven’t done enough” or “Why didn’t I build a gym like these people?” or worry how I’m going to cope when I get back into the gym with all the progress I’ve lost. The more I stress the more I feel horrid for worrying about this stuff. We’re living in a pandemic; people are dying and I’m complaining because I can’t go to the gym? How self-centred can I be?


So, is it selfish to miss the gym? To miss something that helps you maintain your mental health and self-esteem. It’s taken some time, but I don’t think so. Like I said, the world is a mess right now and masses are in the same boat. Everyone is desperate for a sense of normality in this mess and no one can judge me or you for desperately wanting life to get back to normal. Just because I miss everyday life, does not make me a terrible person.


Nevertheless, things can’t go back to normal. The world needs take some time to beat this virus and heal. Therefore, if I genuinely want to prove how strong I can be, I’ll simply find a way through this. We’ll get back to normal eventually but for now, we have to be kind to ourselves. So I’m going to keep active at home or learn a new skill or pick up some new hobbies and if I don’t feel like I’m doing enough, I’ll remember that I’m doing as much as I can and that’s all anyone can ask of me. And if there’s some days where I just can’t bring myself to do anything, that’ll be okay. Like I said, things are really hard right now so we can’t be too harsh on ourselves.


~ Benjamin 

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